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We are here to support you, and there are lots of ways we can do that. If you’re looking for a quote, learning about our 3PL services or looking to collaborate with us, please contact us using the form below. One of our team members will get back to you, typically within 24 hours.

Our Care Team

Our London based sales team is ready to assist you should you wish to reach out directly; you can find information about the team below.

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Josep Auladell

Business Development Manager

Christina Watson

Customer Service Manager

Dog lover, keen gardener and all things organic.
Alison Keefe

Partner Operations Manager

Years of experience in business, a mum and a hobby with horse power.
Amy Henderson

1st Line Support Agent

Customer support experience. “Did you try turning it off and on again?” Dog owner & treat supplier,  Dungeons and Dragons loving Scout Leader.
Sarah Weston

Customer Service Agent

A “part-time vegetarian” who enjoys running and drinking wine.

If you need technical or customer support, our agents are standing by. Contact us and get connected quickly with a UK based expert who knows your particulars and can help you through any issue that may arise. In addition to this, we have the Selazar support portal where you can find technical FAQ’s and setup support or raise a ticket with the support team.

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Our Care Team

Our London based sales team is ready to assist you should you wish to reach out directly; you can find information about the team below. Contact us via email or

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Impactful communication

Our notification system automatically alerts you to any issues, such as low stock or delays. We aim to provide minimal but impactful communication to our clients. We know you’re busy so we will only update you when necessary. Rest assured; we are keeping an eye on everything behind the scenes.

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About us

Our exceptional service wouldn’t be possible without our talented teams. We pride ourselves on finding and retaining the best people. Our growing team is delivering consistently, meeting the needs of our clients and stakeholders.
If you want to get a better sense of what we are about, watch ” From the Founders” or contact us today.
We are proud to present
Photo of staff member 25
Matt Teeney

Head of Digital Development

7 years of full-stack .NET experience. Avid gamer, musician, and, lover of all things food.
Photo of staff member 27
Claudia Celovsky

Head of Product

Product person. Enjoys problem-solving, volunteering, and is probably addicted to Tim Horton’s.
Guy Smith

Head of Business Development

eCommerce and general fulfilment specialist who is also a keen yachtsman.
Brendan Mcllhennon

Head of Finance

Nineties-pop loving, marathon running finance guy with a taste for coffee and beer.
Photo of staff member 22
John Doherty

Head of Stabilisation

C# developer with a history of full stack and mobile development.
Photo of staff member 31
Rory Longwell

Senior Software Developer

Experience in .NET, interest in React, fuelled by baked goods.
Photo of staff member 20
Gordon Sloan

QA Engineer

Experienced quality assurance tester for web based applications.
Josep Auladell

Business Development Manager

Multilingual, I love travelling, exploring new cultures and good food. Also passionate about CrossFit and swimming.
Charlie McCabe

Senior Software Developer

Experienced full-stack developer. Husband, father of one and lover of technology, animals, gaming and rugby.
Happy Staff member
Jake Lennox

Software Developer

Full-stack developer who enjoys running and being in too many bands.
Staff Memeber
Dean Cochrane

Software Developer

Full-stack developer with a love for music and an unhealthy Belfast Giants obsession.
Anna Bakotova

Software Developer

.NET Developer who likes learning, yoga and cats.
Dean Crossett

Software Developer

Developer, who loves football and gaming with friends.
Photo of staff member 5
Emily Milligan

Chief of Staff

Paralegal PA who loves oil painting, playing guitar and the moon.
Catherine O’Brien

Product and Onboarding Associate

Previous dev converted product person with a love for crafting and crossfit.
Matt Jones

Content Manager

Expat from Los Angeles. Enjoy playing music, writing, camping, and being a dad.
Chris Peet

Warehouse Operations Manager

I used to be sporty, but then I discovered beer and takeaways.
Rachel McKee

Digital Design Associate

Digital designer with a serious case of wanderlust. Feline fanatic and skincare addict.
The happiest staff member, our doggo
Elmo Williams

Happiness Co-ordinator

I make sure everyone is happy at work, and you could say I am an influencer, check me out on Instagram

Our vision

The founders of Selazar have one simple vision – to provide an end-to-end for all your eCommerce fulfilment needs. Sounds easy right? But when you look at the complex nature of the real-world implications of eCommerce, it gets a lot harder, a lot quicker, something which you’re all too familiar with. Thankfully, by taking an analytical 3pl logistics approach to the needs of online retailers, Selazar is on the right path to this goal.

4 Pillars of how we offer retailers an alternative eco-friendly way of running their eCommerce business.

Illustration of two hands holding a green leaf
Eco Packaging
Green recycling bag
Waste reduction
Icon of sign post
Intelligent routing
Box with orange arrow turning back
Efficient returns processing
This vision is brought to you by
Photo of founding father
Jack Williams

CEO | Founder

Specialising in eCommerce strategy and logistics, master of getting the job done.
Photo of staff member 24
Kevan Bishonden

CRO | Co-Founder

In-depth knowledge of the eCommerce market, possibly from buying too many trainers online.
Photo of staff member 29
Gareth Burns

CTO | Co-Founder

Over 20 years web and digital development experience. He has a diverse range of technical skills and management experience.

Download our brochure – A guide to working with Selazar

Within our brochure, we outline everything you need to know about getting started with our services. From warehouse storage to managing your stock online to final mile delivery.

Download it here now.

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