Christmas Delivery Cut-Offs: How to maximise sales with clear order deadline dates

Whilst hordes of shoppers dashing for that last bottle of Chanel No.5 on Christmas Eve has become a rare sight, the peak season frenzy is very much alive and kicking. But what has changed? It’s simple: last-minute shopping has become an online affair where nobody gets hurt, but competition is rife

Unlike bricks and mortar stores, eCommerce retailers’ Christmas delivery cut-off dates vary from business to business. Product types, fulfilment operations and courier partners often determine the last Christmas order date to guarantee festive order fulfilment for your customers.

In the final golden days and weeks of the year, some retailers will make a large proportion of their annual revenue. But converting sales in a crowded market during peak season can be challenging. In fact, online shopping cart abandonment is at its highest in December. As shoppers browse for Christmas gift ideas and scour Black Friday sales, retailers are more prone to ‘online window shoppers’ than any other time of year.

That’s why peak season sales conversion tactics need to be taken seriously. By leveraging your Christmas delivery cut-off dates to convert sales, you can drive peak season profitability and smash the end-of-year shopping season. Here’s how:


Start the countdown early…

If you want your sales to convert, you need your customers to know the countdown is on. Publishing your Christmas delivery cut-off dates on your website and featuring them in your marketing campaigns will encourage indecisive shoppers to take action and place their orders in time for gifting.

Keep the message clear on your website and highlight the last order date and time throughout your shopping journey. Adding a countdown-style timer to crucial web pages will visually stimulate your customers to complete their orders as they see the clock ticking down.

If you’re running email marketing campaigns over the peak season, incorporate the Christmas delivery cut-off date alongside your promotions. This will reinforce the message regularly, whilst being supported by the allure of a hot deal to entice readers to click through to your website and fill their baskets.


Hook customers with Christmas delivery promos

These days, online shoppers are increasingly taken aback by delivery costs (especially premium next-day delivery charges) and often go in search of a competitor offering the best value package rate for their desired product, including shipping.

Offer short-term free delivery promotions in the run-up to your delivery cut-off dates. This will hook customers at the checkout and close sales quicker and easier than usual. But that’s not all – low-cost shipping offers will encourage your customers to buy more – increasing your average order volume (AOV) and driving your peak season profits.

Don’t worry if your business isn’t able to offer free shipping with every purchase. To stay profitable as you approach your delivery cut-off date, try offering free shipping with a minimum order value or on key product promotions. This will help sweeten the deal and convert those significant eleventh-hour sales.


Get gift cards at the ready

Some customers will always slip through the net, no matter how hard you try to get the Christmas delivery cut-off message out there. When last-minute shoppers fail to place their orders on time, they’re likely left with nowhere else to go. That’s why you should always try to offer something to your customers. Cue the gift card.

Gift cards are compact and easier to post than large parcels, so the last date for a gift card delivery could potentially the extended to reach your customers on time. Another option for late customers is printable gift cards. Break the mould with a clever or attractive printable design to pleasantly surprise your customers with a memorable brand experience.


Take on Peak Season with Selazar

Getting products from your store to your customer’s door isn’t easy. We know how tough peak season can be for online retailers – from stock storage and forecasting to picking, packing and shipping. Partnering with Selazar means you sell your products, and we take care of everything else.

Want to bring your brand closer to your customer?  Get in touch with one of our 3PL experts. They will show you how we guarantee peak season satisfaction for online businesses.


Order Fulfilment Services for Pet Food and Pet accessories 2022

For all the pet lovers out there, we know that we consider our pets a part of our family. We want the best options for them when it comes to pet food and accessories. For online business owners, when it comes to order fulfilment services for pet food and accessories, don’t you also want the best?

Today we’re discussing the process of outsourcing your order fulfilment for pet products to a 3pl. You should be considering all sorts of factors when automating product delivery to your loyal customers – such as next day delivery, technology & warehouse management, custom packaging, and 3pl costs. So, lets discuss order fulfilment services for pet food and accessories in 2022.

Table of contents

1) Online market for pet food and accessories

2) Order fulfilment services: Warehouse management pet food storage with a 3pl

3) Next-day delivery of pet food and accessories

4) Pet accessories custom packaging order fulfilment services

5) Scale your pet brand with a variable pricing structure

6) Order fulfilment services for pet food and pet accessories 2022


Couple smiling with a happy dog, pet food and accessories, order fulfilment services

Online market for pet food and accessories

Pet food and accessories are one of the largest online markets that exist today. People love their household pets, and this is an industry that is no fad – but a forever booming market. After all, it is estimated that some 62% of households in the world have pets. Pet ownership in the UK has increased every year since 2015 – with consumers spending more than £3 billion on pet food alone. The largest market segments by far are dogs and cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs and hamsters. As of 2022, the world market for pet food is USD 94.6 billion – and is expecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4% from 2022 to 2030.

In the UK, 20% of pet owners also spend at least £20 per month on outfits, toys, and non-food-related essentials for their pets. This is everything from water and food bowls to leashes and collars, pet beds, and grooming brushes. Because pets need regular grooming between four and six weeks, home grooming products are big sellers. Also, the #1 seller in 2021 were dental care toys, and treats – followed closely by novelty pet beds.

When it comes to our love of our pets, we spare no expense. The online pet food and accessories market is one of the largest industries that will forever dominate eCommerce sales. That is why it is vital you partner with a seasoned 3pl provider that will take your brand to the next level.


Order fulfilment services: Warehouse management pet food storage with a 3pl

In the logistics industry, warehouse management is everything. The best 3pls have efficient methods of organisation that incorporate technology for managing stock. Any warehouse management done without a WMS (Warehouse management system) is ineffective and will create mistakes. Pet food must be logged and handled correctly; otherwise, brands will face returns and customer abandonment. Responsibilities for warehouse management include keeping inventory secure in an organised environment, picking and packing the inventory when orders come in online, forecasting supply volumes, and tracking orders in real-time. Ecommerce warehousing ensures your orders are processed smoothly from intake to final mile delivery.


When it comes to proper inventory management, there are several methods to make sure inventory is properly stored. One stock management method is FIFO, known as first in, first out. When it comes to ambient foods and products that expire, it’s important that the freshest products are available for consumption first. This means the warehouse must scan, log, and organise in a manner that is compliant with food storage practices. This is why manual methods with 3PLs are liabilities. Real-time computer data is a failsafe for products expiring and being delivered to consumers. This is how technology and FIFO efficiently manage operations.



image of dog on boxes - pet food delivery order fulfilment, pet food 3pl services

Next day delivery of pet food and accessories

There are several touchpoints that matter when making that final buying decision for customers. There are always price and quality of course, but also delivery speed. In a new age of retail in 2022, customer expectations have changed. Dispatch speed matters when it comes to getting products to your customers fast.

“62% of shoppers say delivery speed influences their purchasing decisions.”

When it comes to ordering pet food, there can’t be much lag time. Consumers often wait until the last minute to renew their online orders for their pets – and “Fido” the cat will not put up with delayed fancy feast delights. Same-day dispatch matters to ensure next-day delivery. Selazar has industry-leading dispatch times that guarantee products move out fast, in the right order, in the most efficient way. This is why brands like Buddy & Lola count on our pet food storage and fulfilment services.

Peak shopping time during the week is between 5 pm and 9 pm. This is why we guarantee same-day dispatch for orders made before 7 pm and offer next-day delivery on orders received before 9 pm. Do not work with a 3pl that has average dispatch times around the industry between 1 and 2 pm. Your consumers will abandon you, and other brands will outsell you.

“26% of online shoppers abandon purchases due to long shipping times.”


Pet accessories custom packaging 3pl services

When it comes to your brand, it’s precious. It matters in modern times when customers associate their lifestyles massively with brands. For example, brands such as Buddy & Lola sell non-GMO, gluten-free products tested free from pesticides and glyphosate. Their eco-conscious natural approach to their brand resonates with pet owners. Their packaging and branding reflect this.

50% of consumers say branded packaging makes them more likely to recommend a brand to their friends – with 61% saying branded packaging makes them more excited about receiving products. Branded packaging exposure for your brand is another component of customer experiences. It all matters. Use only 3pl services that offer custom packaging for your brand. This can all be accommodated from fillers to boxes with a high-quality third-party logistics provider.

Image of pet food from Buddy and Lola - custom packaging and brand awareness - 3pl services


Scale your pet brand with a variable pricing structure

Scalability is on the minds of practically every business owner. Who doesn’t want to grow and make more sales? When it comes to using a 3pl for your pet products, it will be more beneficial with the right pricing structure. I’m talking about fixed vs variable pricing structures.

As more of your pet food and accessories are sold and fulfilled, it helps to have a pricing system with the best value.

Fixed pricing structures offer no flexibility. “A” always equals “B”. £5 per delivery, £6 per delivery, etc. Suppose the cost to fulfil the order as the 3pl was £2 for their business, but you were still charged £6? Businesses need to make a profit obviously to survive, but how does that help you with your profit margin? At Selazar, when we save, you save. Our pick and pack industry-leading rates keep costs low for business owners. So, with this system, prices will fluctuate up and down per order – but never above what was agreed.

This is innovation in 3pl costs.

It’s what is known as a fixed cap variable pricing structure. This methodology ensures you can save more money and scale your online business better.

image of ecommerce warehouse, pet food storage, pet food delivery, pet accessories shipping and storage


Order fulfilment Services for Pet food and accessories in 2022

If you’re an online retailer selling pet food and pet supplies/accessories, do your due diligence before picking your 3pl. They are not all created equal and will greatly impact your business. They will be your partner in business, essentially the logistics wing of your operations. Know what you want from your order fulfilment services – from next-day delivery to custom packaging and 3pl pricing. The relationship is important and needs to be built on trust. Should you be interested in our order fulfilment services, set up a no-obligation free discovery call today.

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Finding The Right Fulfilment Partner

With so many options and setups available, choosing the right fulfilment partner is the hardest part of any 3pl journey. You need to make sure the provider can handle your needs in the manner you wish. Getting this right takes communication and time.


Table of contents:

1. What And When?
2. Your Requirements Now And In The Future.
3. Their Service
4. Can You Grow Together?
5. Additional Services
6. Comparing Fulfilment Partner Providers
7. Trust, SLA’s, And Standards
8. Making The Final Decision.

order fulfilment

What And When?

An order fulfilment partner helps you deliver higher service to your online customers. They can provide improved customer touchpoints and meet or even exceed customer expectations.

You should be using one if you are too small to run your own warehouse or too large to handle order volume. Choosing the right time to invest in upgraded fulfilment is another critical decision. Typically sellers outsource order fulfilment as they approach thousands of orders per month.

A 3pl handles your warehouse storage, picking and packing, shipping, and returns processing.


Your Requirements Now And In The Future.

Ok so now we know what a fulfilment partner can do for us and when we should use one.

What do we specifically need from a partner?

Drilling down into your requirements before starting your 3pl search is imperative. You will get down to your final 3 much faster if providers do not meet your requirements.

Some of the not so standard needs your business may have, are.

  • Oversized and pre-packed items
  • Heavy items
  • Kitting/ De-kitting
  • Steaming & Stitching
  • Bulk Orders
  • Packaging inserts
  • Returns management

There is no end to the potential requirements your business has but answering these questions and knowing your products before shopping around will help you ask the right questions when having a discovery call.

Things to know about your products and stores before approaching 3pl’s.

  • Size and weight of your products
  • Number of SKU’s you will be using
  • Order volume now and future predictions
  • Frequency and volume of supplier shipments
  • Your current costs


Their Service

Besides matching your requirements, how is their customer service? Any partner you work with should do exactly that – work with you. If pulling your teeth out is preferable to solving problems with a partner, then the benefits of said partner are not forthcoming.

You outsource business units to save time and reduce the number of headaches that present themselves. Make sure your partner will work with you when things change. This is even more important in these turbulent times we find ourselves in now.

Look for quotes from existing customers and see what they have to say, maybe reach out to one to see if you can get a response – social media is an amazing place to find real opinions.


Can You Grow Together?

So, you know what is needed from day one, but do they understand your shooting for the stars? Will they be able to support you on your journey to e-commerce dominance? Do they have the capacity to double your storage space? It is always a good idea to talk through where you want to be in 9 or 12-months’ time and ensure they can be right there with you.
Switching providers and moving stock can be expensive, it is better to go slow and get the right partner first time. You want to be the tortoise, not the hare.

Additional Services

We touched on it briefly during your requirements but does the 3pl partners you’re looking at offer any additional services? Services that you could potentially use in the future to benefit and grow your business. Bundling or kitting is one of those services which may not be a year-round deal for you but BFCM/Christmas period calls for deals and bargains. Everyone loves a good bundle of awesome products. Find out about how you’re potential partners help their clients capitalize on busy periods and what is moving through their network.


Comparing Providers

This is possibly the hardest part of the process. Pricing structures vary wildly. There are old school and new school trains of thought here. Old school is generally standard flat fees with extra charges should you go over, but no reduction should you stay under. On the other hand, innovative 3pl’s are moving to consumption-based pricing and passing those savings onto you. It comes down to the following question: Are you comfortable with a varying fulfilment price that is effective and efficient, or do you like to have a minimum payment with the potential for overs should your business do well?

In our opinion saving up to 40% on fulfilment cost is worth the uncertainty of variable consumption-based pricing, but at the end of the day, it’s what you feel most comfortable with.

Be wary of hidden fees, padding and mandatory minimums that can potentially carry penalties.

One notably capital-intensive action is warehouse intake. We discuss this more here. It is very important to understand the process which you are subscribing too and avoid potentially hefty penalty fees.


Trust, SLA’s & Standards

As the delivery experience is one of the few touchpoints you get with customers, be sure you can trust your chosen partner to deliver what they have said. Do they have a track record they are proud of and shout about?

Can they, for example, say they have picked and packed with 100% accuracy since their launch? Selazar can and does at every opportunity. Like just now.

Reliable, accurate service can be a staple of your brand’s growth going forward. Meeting or exceeding consumer expectations through fantastic delivery increases brand loyalty, LTV, and turns your customers into brand advocates – the most important marketing you will ever do!

Customers who receive excellent delivery service and unboxing experiences are 9% more likely to leave a 4 or 5-star review. You know, as a savvy business operator good reviews lead to more sales and thus kick starts and snowballs your growth plans.


Making The Final Decision.

So now we understand how to approach this critical decision. We also understand the importance of getting it right.

What now? Well, once you have narrowed the field, based on current requirements, next step is to review your growth plans and narrow again based on who will be the best partner not just for now but for 12 months from now too.

Then look at the technology they are using. Is it innovative or on the cutting edge of what is possible? With the rapid advancement in technology, these days choosing an outdated methodology now will ensure you get left behind in the future.

It would be considered a miss not to talk about price, but the thing that really matters is value. The cheapest service is not necessarily the right one for you. It comes down to your future – bad reputations are hard to shift, and good ones are hard to stop from growing. Starting on the right foot and scaling quickly will allow you to leverage better prices from a volume-based industry.

The right partner will be worth their weight in gold; price should be the final call on a 50/50 decision, not the starting point.

One final point of advice – look at the people you will be partnering with. At the end of the day this is a commitment which is costly to change. If you simply do not like the people at the end of the phone, then do not work with them.

So, to wrap it all up;

  • Know what you need, now and in the future
  • Ensure they can grow with you
  • Check out their tech
  • Understand the value of their pricing model and watch out for hidden fee’s.

Now you are ready to make the decision on your fulfilment partner. Go forth and conquer your inner eCommerce guru.

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3pl Logistics: Growing your Health & Beauty Business

As a 3pl logistics company, we know the importance of running a competent business with lots of moving parts. Deciding to go into business is a big decision. Knowing which industry to get into is also a big decision. How do you know where to focus your attention so that you get the best results? Well, one good tactic to focus on is demand.

Where there is demand, there is opportunity. You have made a wise choice for those who have gone into the industry of health and beauty products or at least are considering it. We want to help explain the ever-growing importance of this industry as well as how 3pl logistics will help to assist in this area of expanding your operations with ease.

Table of contents

1) Demand for health and beauty products in 2021

2) 3pl Logistics and Smart fulfilment provide business leverage in other areas

3) Brand control and custom packaging with 3pl logistics

4) The importance of organic and cruelty-free products

5) Health and Beauty Product Bundling



Over the last year, the health and beauty industry has seen explosive growth. One study has concluded that the UK health and beauty sector will reach £39.4 billion this year. This is an increase from £27 billion in 2020. Globally the market is predicted to reach a jaw-dropping £716 billion by 2025. The fastest-growing segment for health and beauty products is the online retail market, accounting for over half the total sales.

A Vouchercloud study has shown that the UK health and beauty market is one of the largest globally, just behind the Ukraine and Sweden. It’s important to note that even though the UK eCommerce market saw a reduction in sales from 2020 to 2021 by 6.1 %, it is still the third-largest eCommerce market in the world, just below the US and China.


Brick and Mortar VS Online Selling of Health & Beauty Products

Now with the more relaxed pandemic freedoms, more customers are flocking to traditional bricks and mortar stores. Trying on products before you buy is always a great incentive for consumers. However, because the online market is still so popular, many large companies have both a physical store and an eCommerce presence. In fact, eight of the largest online retailers also have a high street presence.

3pl warehouse, pick and pack warehouse, 3pl logistics

With high demand can also bring high competition, so online retailers need to be as efficient and transparent as possible with their products. For traditional walk-in stores, having the extra inventory on hand to ship and send your products to your loyal customer base will keep you competitive with other exclusive online brands, allowing you to leverage both sales channels.



Smart fulfilment refers to the technological practice and process of storing, managing, and sending products to your customers. 3pl logistics services allow businesses the freedom to focus on other areas of their business by leveraging our services.

In 2021 great health and beauty products are everywhere. We have the option to buy the identical product from various providers. So, why do some companies dominate and stand out from the others? Why do certain companies lead in this industry?

There are many reasons for this, but a significant reason is that these companies pay attention to more than simply offering great products. They also focus on branding, marketing, and personal service for better reach and a well-rounded 360-customer approach. Customer service is still a very critical element in a saturated post-modern online market.

Almost 90% of buyers are willing to pay more for improved customer experience

Another vital area of the business worth mentioning is fast delivery.

Quick delivery is a critical component of smart fulfilment it’s a result of optimal picking, packing, and final mile delivery. 1 to 2-day delivery provides a better D2C business relationship, encouraging future sales.

Companies that outsource to third-party logistics will have a leg up on the competition so that they can focus on all the other important areas of customer satisfaction. As you grow and scale your business and deal with recurring orders online, you will learn that automation is your best friend. Outsourcing to a 3pl will save you both money and time.


3PL logistics: Next-day delivery

If you read our article “The importance of next day delivery,” you will see that quick delivery is the new customer expectation. It is no longer a simple convenience, but I believe compulsory for businesses in 2021.

“49% of shoppers say that next-day delivery makes them more likely to shop online”

As a growing business, the ability to send more and more parcels gets more challenging as sales increase. Failing to meet the demand of delivery within 48 hours will quickly sink your business.

95% of customers tell others about a bad experience, and 87% share good experiences.

When you fail to despatch products in 1 – 2 days, you risk losing customers to another company that offers it. Next day delivery is a must.


Brand Control and Custom Packaging with 3PL Logistics

Outsourcing your health and beauty products to a 3pl provider is a wise decision. Before doing so, it may cause hesitancy to relinquish control.

You may have compared pricing with different companies, looked at warehouse locations, or feared losing brand control.

When you’ve invested so much time and energy into your business, you don’t want it to go to waste, right? Being hesitant is a normal reaction, but you don’t have to worry about that with 3pl logistics. Companies like Selazar take the time to handle your final product presentation and brand packaging with great care and meticulous attention to detail.

Brand packaging matters because customers associate with more than just the products. They also associate with values and pleasing aesthetics of the packaging. The most successful companies understand this.

“30% of businesses report an increase in revenue after improving product packaging”

With the right fulfilment partner, you don’t have to worry about these issues. You can remain steadfast with your brand control. You will always have complete brand control with every detail of your fulfilment process, generating and keeping loyal customers as always.

“43% of people spend more money on brands they’re loyal to”

One of the best health and beauty brands in the UK that fulfil with Selazar is Upcircle. You can see an example of their custom packaging below.



product bundling, upcircle products, order fulfilment, ecommerce fulfilment, brands that use a 3pl, third party logistics services, growing health and beauty industry 2021, uk health and beauty product shipping, 3pl warehouse, 3pl servicesUnfortunately, the evidence has shown that animal testing in the Health & beauty industry is staggering. Approximately 100,000 to 200,000 animals suffer and die every year from animal testing in cosmetics alone. One company that is doing something about this is Cruelty-Free International. They gather signatures every day from regular consumers to prevent these cruel practices. They’ve collected millions of signatures from all over the world.


“A survey of over 15,000 women who buy beauty products concluded that 43% would stop using a beauty product that tested on animals.”


Why does this matter?

Well, it matters when working with similar value-centred, socially conscious companies. Growing your brand should also include a 3pl that knows the importance of responsible business practices. That’s why Selazar practices eco-friendly packaging and sustainability.

Eco-friendly packaging

Also known as “sustainable packaging” or “green packaging,” this Earth-friendly fulfilment alternative decreases our carbon footprint. The types of eco packaging supplies associated with green packaging are renewable materials that are safe and sustainable. This includes plastic-free materials, corrugated cardboard, and gummed tape.

“75% of Millennials are willing to pay more for an environmentally sustainable product, compared to 63% of Gen Z, 64% of Gen X, and 57% of Boomers”



Selling health and beauty products comes with all sorts of miscellaneous items like cremes, foundations, brushes, and more. Product bundling or kitting involves picking and packing multiple items and pre-packing them for dispatch Accurate projections are vital with the old-school way.

However in the new-school way, when customers place an order online through your website, our innovative packaging algorithm notifies the distribution warehouse to gather multiple items into a single order. Keeping your stock dynamic – like you!

So, if a customer likes the deal you’ve virtually created, we’ll grab the components and create the bundle at pick time. Making a real bundle to your unboxing specifications. Simple. Convenient. Effective.



The health and beauty industries are only going to get better it seems. Make sure you have the right service to help you not only grow steadily but easily. Automation and tech-first smart fulfilment operations are key to managing your products and your brand. Let us know how we can help grow your health and beauty brand with 3pl logistics.

Selling with Amazon: Managing Inventory, Costs, & Seller Limits

When many take the journey of exploring an eCommerce business to start, selling with Amazon can be highly attractive. After all, they’re the biggest company in the world, right? However, when it comes to managing inventory and costs, it’s important to understand what you’re actually getting into.

Table of contents

1) Inventory management and costs

2) Selling with Amazon: FBA storage fees and other FBA fees

3) Amazon Seller Limits

4) Selling with Amazon: Inventory Performance Index

5) Deciding on your 3pl provider

6) Important questions to ask for fulfilment services


Inventory Management and Costs

Inventory management and understanding the basic costs of doing business matters when building and scaling a profitable business. Having good oversight of your operations when it comes to the parameters of outsourcing your fulfilment operations is critical to your success. You have a fiscal responsibility to make sure you understand what’s coming in, what’s going out, and if you’re getting the best return on investment with your fulfilment provider.

It’s not easy running a business. There are a lot of moving parts, and you must make specific educated decisions to determine your profit margin to pay your bills, employees, utilities, etc. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make early on is improperly handling cash flow and making bad projections.


“In the UK, 20% of businesses fail within the first year while a staggering 60% go bust within 3 years”

fulfilment operations, 3pl services, inventory management, reducing business costs, ecommerce tips

This idea matters when you partner with a 3pl or Amazon fulfilment centre. Understanding your partnership agreements and costs will either be a hindrance or a benefit to your business.

In this article, we want to do an analysis of Amazon FBA so that you can be educated on the specific costs of doing business. This way you can make an informed decision when partnering with a third-party logistics provider. We will be taking a deep dive into the popular Amazon FBA program to explain their services, and how a 3pl like Selazar compares.


Selling with Amazon: FBA Storage fees and other FBA fees

If you are enrolled in Amazon FBA and have stock in their fulfilment centre, you will be paying a wide range of fees. From referral fees to monthly plans and more, you will see how quickly the costs add up for outsourcing your stock.

Running a successful business means being crystal clear on your profit and loss, and how these fees will affect those numbers. See the following fees below to understand Amazon’s pricing.

amazon fba fees, amazon seller fees, amazon fulfilment, amazon fulfillment cost, fba pricing

What are Amazon’s FBA fees?

1) Monthly plans – Individual and Professional

An individual plan is 75p for every item sold and £25 a month for a professional plan (no matter how little or how many items you sell).

2) Referral fee – This is a fee with both plans that takes profit from the sale of the product. This commission ranges from 7% to 45% depending on the product.

3) Monthly storage fees – Storage costs range from 48p per cubic foot per month between January and September, and up to 68p between October and December.

4) Long term storage fees – After 365 days if you still have unsold stock in an Amazon fulfilment centre, you will be penalised for keeping it there. The cost adds to your monthly costs, ranging from 9p – 86p per unit.

5) Fulfilment fee – Charge to pick and pack each product. The cost depends on the items category, size, and weight. This cost ranges from £1.35 for small envelope size items up to £5.52 for items with weight over 10kg.

6) Labelling fee – A fee of 15p will apply for each Amazon label printed for your SKUs at FBA headquarters.

7) Shipping fee – This is the cost for shipping your products to customers. These range from smaller packages (10 mg or less) of £1.75 to larger packages (3kg to 21kg) for £3.81.

8) Returns processing – Any returns from customers are given a processing fee of 20% of the original product, up to £5 for each line item, minus the original profit you made.

As you can see, there is a wide range of fees. Selling with Amazon is not as simple as you might expect before you outsource your order fulfilment. As a 3pl, Selazar has fewer costs, giving sellers more clarity.

If you’re interested in seeing the precise numbers for FBA yourself, you can use Amazon’s FBA calculator.


amazon seller limits, fba products, selling with amazon, selling with Amazon

Amazon Seller Limits

During the summer of 2020 when the pandemic was surging and eCommerce was thriving, Amazon sellers got a surprising announcement.

“To maximize selection for customers during peak season, we are introducing ASIN-level quantity limits on products in FBA. Most products will have enough space available for over three months of sales.”

This means that Amazon was putting a limit on sales.

This was sad news for third-party sellers. They could no longer send substantial amounts of inventory to be available to consumers, thus losing out on sales.

A maximum of 200 units suddenly became the threshold for sellers with new products. This was shocking for many, especially those who compete with other related products and have already lowered their costs due to pricing wars. A maximum of 200 units did not mean a lot of profit for many sellers.

Then, again in April of 2021, Amazon announced there is no longer a maximum for ASIN-level quantity limits. What they said instead is that restock limits will be set at the “storage-type level.” This means that now there will be different limits for storage types, such as smaller items and larger items.


All smaller standard sized products will have a combined storage limit, and your larger items will also have a combined storage limit.

Amazon storage limits are calculated using several factors:

• Your sales volume

• Available capacity at the fulfilment centre

• Your Amazon quality score (below)

Inventory management can prove to be challenging with these various changing rules placed on sellers. You need to decide if you’re willing to work with these types of penalties and regulations.


Selling with Amazon: Amazons Inventory Performance Index (IPI) can affect your sales

Amazon has developed a system to gauge the performance of third-party sellers’ products. This metric is known as the Amazon inventory performance index and influences your overall success in their marketplace. This is basically your Amazon inventory quality score.

Scores when selling with Amazon can range anywhere from 0 to 1,000.

Is this like a credit score? Yes, basically.


What is a good and bad Amazon score?

Below 500 – Needs improvement and your business must take certain actions to improve it. Before July 1st, 2021, it was 450.

Above 500 – Good. This means that your business has a good standing with Amazon.


Is having a score bad for sales?

The score is also used by Amazon to measure how you manage your inventory over time. Are you fixing listing issues, replenishing levels well, and how is your feedback from customers? It also indicates how well your products are selling and sets a limit for how much inventory you can have at Amazon. So, yes, a bad score will have a negative impact on your sales.

“If your Amazon score is below 500, you will be subject to storage volume limits”

Also, because this score is measured on a monthly basis, if you have a hot selling product over Christmas, your score will decrease when it is off-peak season. This means that if you sell 10,000 products over Christmas, but someone else sells 500 consistently, they may have a better score than you. Does that seem fair?

The Director of enforcement strategy at Open Markets Institute had this to say about Amazon:

“Amazon has the power to bury sellers and suppliers if they don’t comply. Amazon is able to cut off its competitors’ access to inventory by leveraging its monopoly power.”

fake reviews amazon, selling with amazon, should i sell with fba, sold and fulfilled by amazon,

Fake Reviews: Selling with Amazon

Many sellers have complained about fake negative reviews on Amazon, as this affects their quality score (IPI). Whether from competitors or not, these reviews deeply affect sales.

“79% of consumers are influenced by products with the best ratings and reviews”

As sellers have complained more and more about this issue, many of them believe there is not enough being done. They feel this is because:

1) It’s too challenging for Amazon to investigate the sheer number of fake reviews

2) There are not enough verification regulations in place to connect the buyer accounts with the fake verified reviews



Deciding on your 3pl provider

When Selazar set out to create an innovative tech-first approach towards fulfilment services, it also decided to take a unique approach towards costs. By creating a fulfilment service that truly benefits the seller, this will encourage better business and better service for customers. This is done in the following ways.

•No onboarding costs

• No long-term storage penalties

• No profit-sharing costs

• Offer complete custom packaging solutions for brand control

• Offer a navigation portal with robust technology for clients to manage all their inventory, from anywhere, free of cost

• Offer hassle-free returns

• Offer bundling services for businesses with multiple products

  • Offer bulk shipping for bigger b2b orders

• No storage limits

Deciding when to switch to a 3pl may feel overwhelming when your business feels like your baby. Here are a few other questions to consider.


Important questions to ask for fulfilment services:

1) Do I have complete control over my inventory and selling limits?

2) How much am I willing to pay for monthly storage and fulfilment costs?

3) Do they offer custom packaging?

4) Do they offer same day dispatch and order processing?

5) Can the 3pl provider meet my sales demands as my business grows?

6) Do they offer customer service?

7) How quickly can the 3pl take on my stock?

8) Will my orders reach customers in two days or less?

9) How accurate is the pick and pack process?

10) What are the additional fees associated with my account?

11) Do they offer eco-friendly packaging?


picture of checklist. Fulfilment services, 3rd party logistics, ecommerce fulfilment, e commerce warehouse, ecommerce fulfillment services, 3pl services, 3pl fulfilment


These are all critical questions to know when you start with a 3pl fulfilment provider. Selling with Amazon may not be in your best interest as a business owner. It is important to understand everything from exact costs to the exact services. If you’re interested in our 3pl services, please set up a discovery call with us today so we can learn more about your business needs.


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3rd Party Logistics VS Amazon Fulfilment: Brand control

There are many facets to running a business. You must consider the type of product you are selling, where you will source it from, how to market it the right way, and the best way to ship it to your customer. On top of that, you need to consider the customer experience and brand control. This matters when considering 3rd party logistics vs Amazon fulfilment.

As you may have read in one of our previous blogs, 5 eCommerce fulfilment tips to drive sales, we discuss the importance of branded packaging. Also known as custom packaging; this is an attractive option for many business owners as they know the importance of brand recognition. Customers also prefer it. In fact 40% of online shoppers say they are more likely to recommend a product to a friend if it comes in branded packaging. Some of the best and biggest brands focus on this as a top priority. However, these brands also know that time is money.

3pl vs amazon fba

Table of contents

1) Brand control & custom packaging drive sales

2) Amazon fulfilment does not offer custom packaging

3) Amazon does not share buyer information

4) Does Selazar allow me to see my customers?

5) What are my options for custom packaging?

6) What should I consider when working with 3rd party logistics eCommerce fulfilment?

3pl vs amazon fba

Brand control & custom packaging drive sales

picture of brand box, custom packaging. custom packaging solutions, 3rd party logistics, ecommerce fulfilment, 3pl vs amazon, 3pl vs fbaWhen your business is expanding, eventually you need to bring on more staff to help with the workload. From accounting to customer support and more, eventually, you need a team to help drive sales. This is where eCommerce fulfilment comes into play.

3pl services and 3rd party logistics are the solutions for fulfilling orders. Companies can outsource their product fulfilment to a 3pl like Selazar. We also offer custom packaging solutions so that your packages get to your customer exactly the way you envisioned them.

There are many great companies out there that offer custom packaging solutions. Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) does not offer a fully catered solution. So, as a comparative analysis for transparency, it is important to remember these 3pl vs FBA options when considering your order fulfilment supplier.

Amazon fulfilment does not offer custom packaging

As the largest supplier of consumer goods in the world, the Amazon FBA program is largely embraced by many sellers. Business owners can send their products to Amazon warehouses where they store them and sell on their marketplace. Then they ship directly to customers, just like a standard 3pl.

Amazon could be considered a 3pl because they store and ship consumer goods like many other logistics providers. However, as a manufacturer of their own signature products and marketplace, I would not place them in the same category. Their business model isn’t strictly focused on order fulfilment. It is part of the numerous services they offer as a multi-national corporate conglomerate.

Custom packaging means your orders arrive with clear branding displayed. It can be simple or complex but from a glance, your brand is recognisable instantly. Through FBA your products will always arrive in an Amazon-branded box. Adding inserts, free samples or other experience boosting collateral is not possible through FBA. At least not in a seller-friendly way.

So what do sellers need to do to improve the FBA unboxing experience?

Well, pre-build your boxes at home and ship them to amazon as a single unit item. That means sourcing and shipping the individual components of your desired packaging to your home or other location. From there you will build each and every box to your specifications. When you think about order volumes it becomes very time-consuming! Oh, don’t forget you have to store a large quantity of material too.

At the end of all that work, you can ship into the FBA warehouse and then have your orders arrive inside an Amazon box anyway. Not the brand awareness booster you were hoping for.

While partnered with a 3rd party logistics you can ship all the components to the warehouse and have the box created during the Pick & Pack process. Saving you lots of time and keeping resources available for dynamic manipulation.

If you fulfil with Amazon, you will not have custom packaging provided for you. This is one of the more unfavourable aspects of order fulfilment with Amazon vs fulfilment with 3rd party logistics.

Amazon does not share buyer information

One of the rewards of selling yourself and not with Amazon fulfilment is knowing your end customer. An important tenant of owning a thriving business is repeat sales.

picture of amazon logo. amazon fba, amazon fulfilment, amazon seller,

You want to build relationships with customers so that you develop a lifelong customer instead of a one-time sale. People love brands and prefer to buy from the ones they trust.

“65% of business comes from existing customers”

Unfortunately, you no longer have access to this information with Amazon. They do not allow you to know the end customer. This is one of the major downfalls when you become an Amazon seller. Some would argue this is for privacy’s sake, however, it would also seem that it is a way to corner the market for Amazon.

In special circumstances, Amazon does allow some sellers to view the email and phone numbers of customers. This is what’s known as “seller fulfilled prime.” In this case, the seller agrees to deliver the order themselves from their own storage facility. Even in this circumstance, you are not allowed to market or solicit any website or products outside of the Amazon marketplace. If you do, this will suspend your account, as shown in their seller agreement.

fba vs 3pl. third party logistics, fba amazon uk, amazon fba, third party fulfilment

Sellers are the ones who provide most of the products for Amazon. In this business relationship, there seems to be more taking than giving. Rather than enriching the seller, they take the product, a portion of the profit, and numerous fees on top of that.

This business model is synonymous in a way with Facebook and Instagram. These companies rely on “user-driven content,” or in this case, “seller-driven” products. With Amazon, most items sold are independent seller-driven products.

“60% of Amazon’s eCommerce sales are third party sellers”

These sellers provide over half the value of Amazon and allow them to thrive.

Amazon marketplace has both its advantages and disadvantages for third-party sellers. All these selling points should be considered when deciding your overall business strategy and operational setup.


Does Selazar allow me to see my customers?

Of course!

Your customers belong to you. You made the website and provided the products. Selazar has nothing to do with your marketing or sales. We simply provide the end process of order fulfilment, and final mile delivery, along with robust technology that allows you to track and update your products online.

When you partner with Selazar, you will have access to our seller portal that links with your online store. Therefore, as sales come into your website, Selazar’s portal is automatically updated at the warehouse to be fulfilled right away. This is known as two-way stock sync.

We then pick and pack, and ship your products to your customer as efficiently as possible. Third-party logistics includes no fuss, no headaches, just stream-lined intelligent automated operations.

What are my options for custom packaging?

Custom packaging is a great investment in your brand value. 70% of consumers form their impression of a brand based solely on the packaging, so, it matters. When you can give customers more value than they were expecting, it provides the “wow” factor. However, you also need to consider the costs of this process.

Costs of custom packaging include:

Custom boxes

Custom boxes contain brand logos and custom messaging. You can see some fitting examples from packaging works, a UK company. The overall cost per box is determined by the size and shape you prefer, along with the quantity you order obviously, and the amount of text printing involved. The average cost of a custom box can range anywhere from £.15 – £10 per box. See their custom quotes here.

picture of custom packaging. 3pl services, 3pl logistics, custom pack, pick and pack,

Custom ink printing

Digital printing technology uses three-dimensional software to custom print text on your packaging and inserts. The nice thing about this is personalisation.

According to the Pantone Colour Institute, people experience 80% of their awareness from sight. So, colours like bright pink and bright yellow are real attention grabbers.

It’s important to note that you do not have to include lots of extra ink to stand out and be effective in your marketing. That could inflate your bottom line. Even a minimalistic packaging approach can reduce packaging costs while making an impression. You can still be bold, but simple.

See some great custom ink printing designs here with Packaging Works. You can start with a minimum order of 30 boxes.

The truth is it makes a difference. However, if custom boxes and printing are simply not an option for you, unbranded boxes and mailers can still be a good option.

The point is that custom packaging works and it is effective. Now you must decide how important it is to your business when it is delivered to the end customer. Do you prefer your brand be the sole focus or Amazon?

Custom inserts & materials

Custom inserts can include a wide arrange of designs based on your product. This could include divider sets, customizable printed inserts, layer pads, and even cushioning.

These can come in the form of paper inserts, cardboard inserts, or foam inserts. These allow you to display your products well, adding to a better unboxing experience. Paper inserts are good for small lightweight items such as beauty products. Cardboard inserts are ideal for heavier products that need more protection. Foam inserts are best for fragile items. custom boxes, brand control, branded packaging,

Courtesy of American Box Company

This is obviously an added cost, so you will need to do some research with companies near you.

After you have completed this process, you can simply forward your materials to our warehouse where we store and prepare for your order fulfilment.

What should I consider when working with 3rd party logistics eCommerce fulfilment?

When deciding to work with a fulfilment partner, you want to consider if the company will benefit your business. You want to ensure they have the right operations and resources available to meet the demands of your customers while saving you time and money.

You should consider the following:

1) Do I have enough monthly order volume to pay for the costs of 3rd party logistics services?

2) Does their technology save me time and streamline my operations?

3) Do they offer 24-hour delivery?

4) Does the 3pl have a strong courier network?

We provide all this and more with our eCommerce fulfilment services. Set up a discovery call to learn more about our services.

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Order Fulfilment Through the Power of Social Selling

Table of contents

1) What is order fulfilment through social selling?

2) Why should I pay attention to fulfilment through social selling?

3) Social selling with Facebook and Instagram

4) YouTube marketing

5) TikTok marketing

6) Conclusion


What is order fulfilment through social selling?

Product fulfilment through social selling means directly selling your products through social networks and having the orders fulfilled with 3pl services.

As you know, social media has had a major impact on how we live our lives, from how we get our news, to how we interact with friends and family. Now it’s having a major impact on how we do our shopping. In a new age of social media more consumers are looking to social networks to fast-track their buying decisions. In fact, over 40% of digital consumers use social apps to research products online. Compared to Google, it’s the next best search engine.

Consumers can use Youtube’s own search engine to find thousands of unboxing videos for their favourite products. Facebook and Instagram now offer digital merchant stores where consumers can directly see products from those apps and choose to buy directly from there without having to go to a third-party website. Even Tik Tok, an app that exploded in 2020 with millions of new users (mostly for entertainment value) is adapting its model for business owners. In the third quarter of this year, TikTok will soon alter its platform to help eCommerce businesses profit from brand buying.

social selling, what is social selling, how to sell through social networks, how do i sell through social networks, how do I sell with facebook, how do i sell with instagram, how do i sell with youtube, how do i sell with tiktok, order fulfilment, fulfilment strategy, 3pl services, warehousing and distribution, logistics services

In 2021, 53.6% of the world’s population currently uses social media with an average daily usage of 2 hours and 25 minutes! Those are big numbers that brands simply can’t ignore anymore. A 2020 social media trends report has proven that social media apps inform buying decisions. Younger demographics are particularly keen, which is why so many brands and retailers are targeting them. So, the question is, is your brand making the most of social selling through these eCommerce platforms?


Why should I pay attention to order fulfilment through social selling?

Hand putting virtual target board and arrow which print screen on wooden cube. Business achievement goal and objective target concept. social ecommerce, social commerce platforms, social media ecommerce, social commerce business, social media selling, selling through social media, social selling, selling with instagram, selling with facebook, tiktok marketing, youtube marketing

As history has shown, one of the most essential elements of running a successful business is adapting to the times. Innovation inspires new trends and shopping behaviours which lead to companies either exploding with growth or imploding with declining sales. Social networks have shaped eCommerce selling in new ways the same way the adaptation of the internet changed traditional shopping. Back then, what many seasoned veterans of retail thought would be a superfluous undertaking (moving from bricks and mortar stores to online) has

proven false. The internet has circumnavigated many antiquated predictions about consumer trends. Simply put, many were wrong about the shifting trend to online shopping. We see much of that same thinking today with companies not quite embracing the power of social media. Two-thirds of companies have yet to create a social media strategy for their sales organisation.

“84% of executives consider their future success to be extremely dependent on innovation”

When Blockbuster and Toys R Us failed to transition online to a digital platform, they both went under, and new companies captured the available market. The internet boom of the last two decades has forced businesses of all sizes to question their marketing strategy. Time and time again modern history has revealed this critical idea of how innovation sparks change, requiring more businesses to be flexible in their model. Having a big picture social media strategy can catapult your business into a new direction of prosperity and profit.

Social media gained 490 million users in 2020, a 13.2% increase from the previous year. The number of users now on social media is estimated at 4.2 billion. Why any business wouldn’t target this volume of potential customers simply does not make statistical sense.

Social Selling with Facebook and Instagram 

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms. Social selling products on both these platforms make it easy for customers to interact with your brand and complete a purchase. Facebook currently has 2.7 billion users while Instagram has 1.2 billion. As many know, Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012, so promoting on both platforms is easy with a Facebook ad account. Recently Instagram has released the option to advertise on their platform without selling with Facebook, and you simply take some different steps to advertise directly from posts. You can find out how to do that here.

Learning how to market and advertise on these platforms is not an easy “plug and play” option. Online advertising is an art form that takes time to master, but once this process is mastered with effective means of targeting your customers, your brand can highly profit from it. One company that has had major success is Termaza Haute Couture.

This fashion house specialises in handmade evening and bridal dresses. By targeting women 18 – 60 who showed an interest in unique and elegant clothing, they were able to increase sales by 55% in six months, doubling the total company revenue. Utilising Facebooks targeting tools as well as their Lookalike Audience targeting, along with several A/B tests of their own, garnered amazing results.

Social selling

Tips for social selling on Facebook & Instagram


1. Make it personal

Rather than having a picture of your product, have someone physically using the product. If it’s clothing, someone should be wearing it. If it’s beauty products like face cream, someone should be shown applying it.


2.Use High quality images and video only

The quality of your media reflects the quality of your brand.


3.Use effective targeting 

Selling with Instagram and Facebook gives you tools for narrowing your audience. Being more specific than broad is ideal.

For effective Facebook selling, check out this article from Hootsuite.

For effective Instagram selling, check out this article from Instagram.


Advertising on Facebook groups

picture of facebook logo. Selling with facebook, facebook selling page, facebook ecommerce, facebook commerce, how to sell products on facebook,

Another effective sales tool is creating a Facebook group around your brand. Facebook groups centre around sharing useful information about any industry or topic. By creating your own Facebook group around “Beauty products” for example, you could easily promote what you are selling. You can directly discuss relevant topics around the benefits of what you offer to assist with health and beauty. Learn how to about effective on Facebook group selling.


YouTube Marketing

picture of youtube logo. how to sell on youtube, how to sell merchandise on youtube, youtube marketing, promote your youtube channel, youtube marketing services, youtube promotion service,

Video content is an effective means of communication when it comes to attracting new customers. YouTube is the second most popular website after Google. People go to YouTube for all sorts of reasons for entertainment, but also for information, even for products. In fact, over 70% of viewers say that YouTube makes them aware of new brands.

The sheer volume of video content has grown exponentially, especially in 2020 with everyone being home. People prefer watching videos than having to read all sorts of information about a product. One survey concluded that 72% of consumers prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or service. More marketers are keenly aware of this which is why video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.


Below is a great example of brands leveraging social selling with Youtube eCommerce videos

Skincare Tutorial | Skincare Realness with @tashaggreen | Boots X


You brand can easily stand out from the rest by investing time into video marketing. Buying some equipment and video software is not extremely expensive, and by doing so can take your brand to new heights. Posting on YouTube is free and you can easily link your YouTube videos to your website.


A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video


TikTok Marketing

picture of tik tok logo. Tiktok selling, selling with tiktok, how to sell on tiktok, can you sell products on tiktok, how to sell products on tiktok, how to advertise on tik tok, how to use tiktok to promote your business, how to advertise on tiktok, tiktok marketing, advertising on tiktok

When most people think of TikTok they typically think of entertaining dance videos. What they may not know is that businesses are thriving on this platform. There is a completely new subculture that has been created, disrupting the social media industry, and attracting new customers. It’s become so addictive that nine out of ten TikTok users use the app multiple times daily.

Much like YouTube, there are helpful videos around everything you can imagine. From mental health to fitness, cooking to entrepreneurship, financial planning to real estate, you name it. No dancing and no twerking whatsoever! Because the largest video you can create on there is only 1 minute, it forces influencers and brands to jam a lot of quality into 60 seconds. People like quick and easily digestible information. This is one of the many reasons why the app has become so popular and why TikTok is the world’s most valuable start-up, currently estimated at 100 billion dollars. It is also offered in 155 countries.


Did someone say summer? 🤍 Shop our new season looks through the bio ⚡️ #fyp #newseason

♬ original sound – boohoo

TikTok currently has 689 million users

So, how can you profit from social selling on TikTok?

In October of 2020 TikTok partnered with Shopify. What this partnership means is that TikTok has designed a format for eCommerce businesses and retailers to sell their products directly from their channel – just like Facebook and Instagram. Using TikTok’s API, Shopify users can now connect TikTok to their dashboard and manage their business ads manager from there.

Currently, business owners can advertise on TikTok in the following way.

  1. In-feed Ads
  2. Brand Takeover
  3. Branded Hashtag Challenges
  4. Branded AR/Effects Content

Further innovating, TikTok also wants to offer live stream shopping capabilities whereas users can order directly from the app during a live stream. So, if there is a particular influencer that users like following, that influencer can include a link for the product their showcasing live. It is not available yet but be on the lookout for it.

What should I do in the meantime?

Get on TikTok and start promoting your brand. Develop followers and start creating a public image on this powerful platform.


Embrace the power of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. Social media is strong and it won’t be going away. Get creative with your marketing strategy and work to be on each one of these platforms. Your bottom line will thank you for it. Should you have any questions about order fulfilment through Selazar with these platforms set up a discovery call with us.

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Matching Your Order Fulfilment With Your Service Level

Table of contents

1) The unboxing experience and brand integrity

2) Custom packaging for order fulfilment

3) Quick delivery turnaround

4) Next day delivery order fulfilment

5) International shipping

6) Returns

7) Customer service


Matching your order fulfilment with your service level is critical to your eCommerce success. When you study the most successful businesses you will find that they have a lot in common. Things like great branding, great products, great service, and great order fulfilment. They have also optimised a sales cycle and refined it for the best customer satisfaction experience, quite often delighting and exceeding expectations. Various KPI’s prove a consistent record of accomplishment that eventually lead to enormous growth; showing that what they’re doing is working. From service businesses to online shopping, there are parallels of a sellers promise that match with a customer’s expectations.

McDonalds revolutionised the food industry by innovating and streamlining a repetitive system – An assembly line style order fulfilment distribution system for food that was faster and cheaper. It became a staple in our culture which set the standard for what we know as the “fast food” industry. Great fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Versace also set a standard for premium clothing.

Top-quality products like clothing shape our culture. They are a reflection of our values and our beliefs. Customers seek out these goods as part of their personal identity. These industries are a small example of a history that have set standards and expectations around consumer buying. An unspoken agreement that says, “I want what you have,” and “I expect you to deliver the goods.”

As an eCommerce business owner, when you think of your customer journey, you need to be thinking about what your brand says, and if it aligns with what you deliver. Quality and brand value are important and always will be. What is also important, especially nowadays, is speed. It is a value that people expect when ordering online.

13% of shoppers never come back if their delivery isn’t on time

People want quality, but they also want convenience. In such a competitive marketplace your business should be ticking all the boxes of excellent quality, brand value, and quick delivery. Let us discuss how aligning your order fulfilment with your services will drive more sales for your online business.



If you watch YouTube, you can see the growing phenomenon that is known as “unboxing videos.” There are literally thousands of user-generated videos online where people unbox a product. It’s the modern commercialisation of simply opening packages, which has basically become a form of consumer entertainment. There are more than 20 million search results on YouTube for “unboxing.” What does this tell us? People value the gratifying experience of receiving products that they are excited about, even if it’s done by other people! It also taps into the childlike anticipation for something shiny and new.

“Unboxing fuels anticipation and provides useful product information”


Not only do people like to see someone else view and test a product, but they like to hear their reviews. Reviews and social proof matter – in fact 56% of consumers read at least four reviews before buying a product. So, what should a brand reflect on and adhere to when creating custom packaging?



As discussed in our article “eCommerce fulfilment tips from the experts to drive sales,” custom packaging is all about first impressions. Your brand reflects how people feel about you. It reflects how they feel about themselves. Is it premium and sophisticated? Is it simple and clean? What is the lifestyle of the people who connect with your brand?

”70% of customers form their impression of a brand solely on packaging”

You want to fine-tune these details within your fonts, your colours, and your physical packaging. Perhaps a small presentation style box, unique angular design with attitude, or designer ribbons. It all matters. Just imagine buying a premium product like a watch (one of the biggest sellers of fashion accessories online), however, when the watch arrives, it’s simply thrown in a standard box with some paper packaging and tape around it. Wouldn’t exactly feel like a premium product, would it?

Being effective in your packaging design is critical for successful marketing. It is the only physical point of contact with a customer, conveying all aspects of your brand. Being strategic means satisfying customers, but also standing out from the competition.

Here are some notable examples of boxes with very simply custom branding on it.

custom packaging, pick and pack, pick pack and ship, picking and packing, 3pl services, uk packaging, custom packaging

Courtesy of UPrinting

This is great presentation quality. Nothing fancy, plain brown as a simple neutral background colour that makes it feel rugged whilst also drawing out the sharp colour and fine design of the razors! It then has a funny quote that reads, “I like shaving with a dull razor, said no one, ever.” It’s humorous and displays values. They believe in high-quality sharp razors that won’t dull you. That creates an emotional connection for people who have had problems in the past with dull razors that irritate the skin their target audience.


63% consider product packaging almost as important as the brand itself


custom packaging ideas, custom packaging examples, how to do custom packaging, should i offer custom packaging

This presentation box as you can see is very high quality with a premium signature feel to it.

It’s classy and sophisticated. It draws in a feminine, sexy quality.

The smooth cover reminds you of silky sheets or silk launderette, providing that ”wow” factor.



branded marketing, order fulfilment, gift packaging, packaging solutions, pick and pack, 3pl, fulfilment

Adding simple thank you messages as shown here to the right also helps to give a more individualized touch to your brand, providing that emotional connection to customers.

“30% of businesses report an increase in revenue when they improve product packaging”

Product fulfilment


Rules for creating effective custom packaging

1) Reflect your brand – Every brand has a “brand personality.” Your packaging and design should make it completely apparent what you are representing. You want to be identifiable to your customers and be authentic. Remember that packaging plays a key role to communicate your brand’s story and will determine how customers perceive you.

2) Know your audience – If your product is a luxury item, your customer might expect that custom-printed packaging with a sleek feeling and minimal design. If you’re in the market of selling baby products, you may want to develop a more nurturing, clean, simple look that appeals to moms who look for natural products for their babies.

*Selazar’s features allow custom packaging solutions for all our clients. Let us know if you have any questions about it by setting up a discovery call now.



Have you ever thought about how delivery reflects on a brand? Do you think it matters? Well… it does, massively!

“56% of online consumers between the ages of 18-34 years expect to have next day delivery, whereas 61% of consumers are willing to pay more for next-day and same-day delivery.”

Have you ever waited in a fast-food drive thru that normally takes 5 minutes, but for some reason, it suddenly took 20 or 30 minutes? You’re furious! Right? How about waiting for a package for 5 business days when you’re used to getting packages that arrive next day or 48 hours? That waiting period feels like forever!

As a society we adapt with technology, and as a result get use to certain norms. We have new levels of expectations. Ten years ago, people did not mind waiting five to seven business days for their products, in fact, they expected it. Fast forward to today and that sounds ridiculous. People want their products fast! Part of this is due to new expectations caused by the Pandemic. During the lockdown 14% of customers revealed they expected their deliveries to be delivered in no more than two days.

Coronavirus greatly impacted eCommerce, order fulfilment, and shipping in general, not to mention shopping habits. Many people have grown keen of the online shopping that were not as keen prior. Many started shopping online just out of necessity. The online grocery retailer Ocado reported a 35% revenue growth in 2020, showing the rising demand for online food solutions. Research by PFS has confirmed that 61% of Gen Z consumers and 52% of Millenials found themselves online shopping for new categories of goods during the pandemic that they normally would have previously bought in store. Consumer perceptions have changed and adapted.

The fact is that the UK is an eCommerce powerhouse with an annual worth of £233 billion. The marketplace is ripe for competition, forcing companies and brands to provide customers the best delivery service options. If your business does not adapt to a quick delivery turnaround model you will be left behind.

Based on one eCommerce survey, 41% of customers said long delivery times are grounds for cart abandonment. Another reason for cart abandonment is for excessive shipping costs. This is the number one reason UK shoppers cite abandoning their online carts – 61% in fact! You need to be partnered with a company that delivers your products quickly at prices your customers are willing to pay.

Two of the biggest reasons that Selazar innovates delivery turnaround in the UK is because of late dispatch times and efficient pick and pack fulfilment. We also have a strong delivery network with refined systems for optimal final mile service benefits.

A reliable delivery network is essential to your business and your customer. Working closely with the best companies in the UK ensures that we can offer you the best possible service when it comes to sending, tracking, and delivering your customers’ parcels to their front door. 24 – 48 hour delivery is standard for Selazar services.

You can have the best products around, but if your speed and delivery options are not up to par, your customers will quickly find another solution. E-commerce businesses need to realise that delivery is a major touchpoint for customers; in fact, they see it as a reflection of your brand.


17% of respondents will stop shopping with a retailer after receiving a late delivery one time.


It may not seem like a startling statistic, but what is 17% of your business worth? For larger retailers that could easily be millions. However, that number increases the more it happens.


55% of customers will stop shopping with a retailer after receiving a late delivery two to three times.


So, what does unstable or slow order fulfilment, and delivery, say about your brand?

Slow = Unreliable

Fast = Reliable.

Late deliveries will decrease customer retention, not to mention can cause negative online reviews, further damaging your brand. So, how do you increase quicker delivery turnaround? Well, that is easy – partner with Selazar!

Not only do we ship anywhere in the UK in 48 hours, but your business and customers can track shipments and stay up to date. Our easy-to-use portal gives you (the business owner) the tools to easily manage and control all your shipments. Using our courier network, your customers can rest assured of the precise day and time their packages will arrive.


57% of UK customers now prefer to receive tracking notifications by SMS,


with another 35% preferring to use the courier’s app and 17% preferring WhatsApp.

Swift delivery, easy portal management, easy tracking. That is how a brand stays competitive and profitable.


Next Day Delivery

Many retail companies have listened to the drums pounding in the streets for years of the importance of next-day delivery, and many are taking it seriously now. Why? It’s what the market wants! It integrates the convenience of eCommerce with the immediacy of brick-and-mortar stores.

More than 51% of retailers offer next-day delivery and 65% plan to offer it within two years.

Many companies are beginning to examine the models of order fulfilment and next day delivery, and how to navigate the best courier networks. This is good for service and good for the bottom line as many consumers have said that they are willing to pay same-day delivery costs to get items. As innovation keeps continuing in shipping and logistics, it is important for your brand to keep up with the trends. As with innovation, it’s only a short amount of time before trends turn into the new normal/expectations. That is why Selazar is the best solution for UK based eCommerce.

Rather than simply meeting expectations based on “standard delivery rates,” you always want to go above and beyond for your brand. You want to WOW your customers.

Selazar injects your order directly into your chosen courier’s distribution network to save time and unnecessary trips to and from depots. The deadline for same-day dispatch is 7 pm, and next-day delivery is available on orders received before 9 pm. Our network of UK based, and international couriers can easily and efficiently deliver your orders to your customers globally.


International Shipping

Being able to retain customers for your brand in other countries is a great way to increase your profits while gaining more brand awareness. However, it’s a process that can be challenging to navigate, especially after Brexit. Since January 2021 came along there are lots of new rules and regulations that must be followed by sellers. You can read about the Brexit consequences for eCommerce here.

With Selazar you can easily navigate the hurdles that many retailers are facing. Things such as customs forms, EORI Numbers, and VAT (Value Added Tax) changes.

We have automated these hurdles for eCommerce businesses, making the whole process streamlined and error proof. If you want your brand to thrive in various countries, it’s critical that you know precisely how to sell to other countries and automate your process.

Should there be any issues with your products and your items need to be returned; Selazar also handles this. Whether returning internationally or domestically, we got you covered.

Increase automation. Better order fulfilment. Increase sales. It’s as simple as that.



Product returns can be a leading cause of frustration for many online retailers. Fifty – seven percent of retailers say that dealing with returns has a negative impact on their business’s day to day activities. Why so? The truth is that when customers are shopping online looking rather than holding an item to examine it, it’s prone for mistakes. Returns are a major issue and will continue to be.

ecommerce returns, online returns, package returns, parcel return, retail returns,

In fact, 54% of UK shoppers regularly return items bought online, while 32% do so sometimes. What this means is that nearly 90% of UK shoppers will deal with returns at some point. Research has shown that UK shoppers have very distinct preferences about how they want to return products.

44% surveyed said that they prefer to drop off their returns at a carrier’s service point, while 30% prefer the carrier to pick it up from their home or place of work. The most popular goods purchased online in the UK are clothes, shoes, and accessories, at a staggering 55% of online sales. Retailers in this part of the industry will be dealing with returns on a very regular basis.

Again, every step of the customer journey always reflects on your brand and how they perceive you. They will either have a good or bad perception of your company based on how easy you make every step of the process. A UPS online shopper survey showed that 68% of shoppers view returns policies before making a purchase. So, it is a big deal!

TIP: Consider offering free return shipping for your customers. 9 out of 10 consumers say free shipping is their number one incentive to shop online more.




Using our returns portal, Return Robin makes managing returns easy. You will exceed your customers’ expectations with an improved returns experience. Your customer can easily generate a label online and find their local drop off points.

Once a return is received back at the Selazar warehouse, it can be inspected and processed in under 2 minutes. Your products are placed back on the shelves ready to be dispatched when re-sold.

It is important to make sure that this is accurately reflected in your returns policy. Getting returns might feel like you’ve lost a customer, however, not true! 92% of people will purchase again if the returns process was easy.

Once a return is received back at the warehouse, it can be inspected and processed in under 2 minutes. Your products are placed back on the shelves ready to be dispatched when re-sold. How easy is that?

This frees up your time to focus on emails, phone calls, and customer management.


“82% of customers do not return to make another purchase if an online store has a difficult returns process”


Customer service

When you invest in an above-and-beyond customer model, you will be rewarded for it. 84% of consumers say customer service was one of the key factors helping them decide whether to buy or not from a company. That is one of the greatest advantages of outsourcing your product fulfilment to a 3pl like Selazar. With more free time, you can focus on handling incoming calls and online chats.


“30 % of consumers say not being able to reach a real human is the most frustrating part of a bad customer service experience”


Innovations in technology have revolutionised logistics, specifically, robots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for warehousing. However, the one customer touchpoints that are not eradicated by technology is good old-fashioned human customer service!

Harvard Business Review showed findings that customers with the best past experiences spend 140% more with a company than those with the poorest past experience. As companies have found ways to streamline their workforce, perhaps even cut costs by outsourcing customer service to another country, that is not necessarily a good thing. The business may save money in the short term, but the long-term effects will be more damaging – because the service won’t be as good most likely – plus different accents create suspicion. If someone in England calls a company with a local address, yet it’s obvious someone further afield picks up, it doesn’t match the “shop local” brand affinity you’re searching for.


Across the globe, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand.


ecommerce fulfilment, fulfilment for ecommerce, ecommerce order fulfilment, 3pl


Not all interactions are on the phone, however. Online chats have increasingly grown over the last decade because they are a direct way for customers to connect with you online.

Surprisingly enough 63% of millennials prefer to have their basic customer support queries answered via a live chat widget vs. traditional channels. 36% of Gen Zer’s also like to use live chat when contacting a company.


So, if your brand is a premium brand, don’t you think your customers deserve a premium service all around? That’s the magic in branding. All around, from the website to the service to the final mile delivery. It all needs to match, and it is all a reflection of your brand. From the first impression to the last impression, you’re always on stage with a customer. It’s the same way you view a business when you buy anything.

If you go into a fancy suit shop where you are about to spend a lot of money, wouldn’t you expect to at least be greeted hello and perhaps asked If you could use any assistance? Yes, you would.

If you go into a car dealership and the dealer is rude, doesn’t acknowledge your presence, or doesn’t even seem like they care, do you think you’d want to buy a car from them? Definitely not. There’s an expectation there that comes with you spending your money. Keep that same attitude with your own customers. Give them a service you would expect from anybody else.

Customer service is everything to them. Your brand is everything to you. Make them everything to you.


As you can clearly see, matching your order fulfilment with your service level is a must! Order fulfilment is a well-rounded and complete customer service experience idea. From custom packaging to delivery to customer service, these are all important key factors towards the success of any great business. Take care of your customer and they will take care of you. No detail should be overlooked when it comes to your brand. High levels of service correlate to higher rewards and more sales. Schedule a discovery call with us today if you have any questions on how Selazar can help your fulfilment and level of service.

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Expanding Fulfilment Operations with new 3PL Warehouse

Announcement: Our new 3pl warehouse

London, 26 May 2021: Rapidly growing eCommerce fulfilment company Selazar has announced the expansion of its operations, with the opening of a new state-of-the-art flagship 3pl warehouse in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. The new warehouse will see the UK-based tech company increase its reach to all areas of the country via this prime geographical location.



Selazar, which was founded in Belfast and also has offices in London and Birmingham, has been on a solid growth trajectory since its launch in 2019. The company has developed a highly innovative proprietary eCommerce fulfilment platform and primarily services medium-sized and bespoke retailers throughout the UK.

The new flagship 3pl warehouse offers the UK’s most accurate fulfilment service.

It is designed for high-speed, high-volume operations and is already demonstrating its capabilities. In the initial test phase, pick time was reduced by 20 percent within 30 days of the commencement of operations. Peak output volume for the facility is 250,000 orders per month and 1,000,000 picks per month at full speed.

Commenting on the opening of the new warehouse, Jack Williams, CEO of Selazar said: “Our new state-of-the-art warehouse marks an important milestone in our ability to provide fast and innovative fulfilment services throughout the UK. As we push to bring turnaround times lower and lower, we are constantly working to optimise our performance. At the Nuneaton warehouse, we’ve managed to turn orders around in less than 30 minutes. Our new target is sub-15-minutes. As an emerging start-up being recognised within the tech eCommerce space, Selazar is proud to bring 75 new jobs to the local community in the near future. “

The flagship 3pl warehouse setup was completed in record time, only two weeks to fully prep the site for change over. Selazar successfully migrated to the new site using our tech-first approach without interrupting our partner’s service. The new site will become home to a technology innovation centre where product lines and new start-ups can benefit from market-beating technology while they build pipelines and scale their business.


The start of an explosive expansion journey began right here in Nuneaton. The lessons learned and success of onboarding this site will form the base plan for Selazar’s expansion across the UK, EU and the Globe.

Selazar customer Will Duffield CEO & Founder, Starwood Sports – a UK-based retailer of premium products for recreational sports said: “Selazar has been an ideal partner for Starwood Sports, in both optimising our customer experience and distribution costs. The team understands our business and offers outstanding service that has helped us to grow our business. We’re certain the new Nuneaton warehouse will extend Selazar’s capabilities, which will benefit us and our customers.”

3pl warehouse, 3pl fulfilment centre, fulfilment centre uk, fulfilment centre Nuneaton, fulfilment warehouse near me,

About Selazar

Selazar is a UK-based tech-first eCommerce fulfilment specialist. The company has developed a proprietary, cloud-based warehousing and fulfilment platform for eCommerce retailers. We pick, pack and ship products to your customers as efficiently as possible. No fuss, no headaches, just streamlined, intelligent automated operations. Our transparent system lets retailers understand, track and ignore the complex process of fulfilment, allowing them to get on with the real work – growing their business.

Being recognised in Northern Ireland for our innovative approach, Innovate NI and Tech Nation have both recognised Selazar with awards for our easy-to-use platform.

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5 Ecommerce Fulfilment Tips To Drive Sales

Table of contents

The case for eCommerce fulfilment and rapid delivery

1) Next day delivery

2) Return Policy

3) Sold out products

4) Custom Packaging

5) Smart automation

3PL eCommerce fulfilment


Ecommerce fulfilment and rapid delivery

The eCommerce boom over the last two decades has allowed online brands to compete successfully with traditional brick and mortar brands. What has been a steady climb in customers embracing online shopping has become the new normal it seems, especially now in 2021. Ecommerce fulfilment has become more important than ever. In fact, a survey found that 56% of GenXers and 55% of Millennials prefer online formats to physical stores. Customers enjoy the convenience of shopping from home whenever they like. This convenience has created a marketplace in which over 75% of people are shopping at least once a month online. With improvements in technology and cybersecurity, more people have developed trust in an industry that has proven its simplicity. Consumers are also interacting with brands that match their lifestyle in more ways than ever before on social platforms. By following and engaging with brands on social channels customers develop more loyalty and trust, driving sales.

Ecommerce grew by 46% in 2020 – its strongest growth for more than a decade, due largely to the pandemic of course. A 2020 report from the Centre for Retail has shown that the online retail sector is the main driver of growth in the U.K., Europe, and North America. As eCommerce has improved, so has the technology and logistics networks that support it.

Rapid package delivery has become a new focus for online brands. Unlike traditional shopping, online selling doesn’t give customers the same instant gratification because of a lack of access to the products. So, to improve this process, companies are looking for more solutions. Therefore, the rise of 3pl’s have skyrocketed to bridge this service gap. Companies are outsourcing their shipping so that they can focus on making great products. 12% of merchants are unprofitable due to distribution costs in logistics, hence why 39.4% of merchants outsource at least some of their fulfilment.

As the U.K.’s most innovative 3pl’s, Selazars’ improved the process for Next-Day and 48-hour delivery for UK customers. We believe in tech-forward logistical solutions for product fulfilment and speedy home delivery. However, speed is merely one aspect of the customer journey. While a digital journey has many touchpoints, delivery speed and the unboxing experience created are the only physical ones. Paying close attention here will generate better reviews, increase brand loyalty, and repeat sales. So, to help online businesses improve their e-commerce fulfilment journey to drive sales, we offer the following advice.



In the early days of eCommerce, shopping online felt like a novelty. Shipping speed was not as much as a factor for the simple convenience of getting it delivered. Ten years ago, customers were happy with 5 – 7 business days for shipping. However, with the rise of Prime that is no longer an option. At one point, what was unfathomable (Name-Day and 48-Hour delivery) is just the “new normal.” People want their products fast! If you expect to compete, this needs to be your focus. As a 3pl, we have centred on this philosophy to increase dispatch speed for our clients. This is why companies like Debenhams used our services when they transitioned from the high street to online.

Our fast processes and late dispatch allow for delivery anywhere in the UK the very next day. This is a major customer highlight, and it should be highlighted on your website. See here on the Asos website:

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How do you offer standard Next-day shipping for your UK customers? Well, simply set up a discovery call with us to get started.



With innovations in speedy delivery, there has counterintuitively not been as much innovation in returns. As we discussed in a previous article, UK retail must make parcel return easier and faster, so businesses must offer better return service. This is based on a startling statistic that says “92% of consumers will purchase again from a retailer if the returns process was easy.” While return rates to physical stores are around 8%, this jumps to 25% for items bought online. Fashion returns last year increased to over 50% for online orders, growing over 15% from 2019.

According to a study by Sale Cycle in 2020, over 56% of online returns were clothing and shoes. Why is this? This is because fashion items are the top-selling industry in all of the world online. So, if you sell in the industry, having a good returns policy/process is even more critical. This includes offering “free returns.”

Free returns are good for your customers. They want it – in fact:


56% of customers don’t want to pay to return items


Return Robin is the most innovative solution for eCommerce businesses in the United Kingdom. They offer automated parcel returns online with courier pickup from the customers home, quick return deposits, and even provide the shipping label as well (no need for the customer to print). As eCommerce fulfilment continues to innovate, Return Robin will prove to be a powerhouse in the UK logistics retail market.

So, offer a great return policy with your store, and feature it on your website.



When customers are shopping on your store, they are there because they are obviously interested in what you have to offer. If you have ever heard the expression “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” then this applies.

If a customer comes to your store and find a product that they want, but cannot buy it, this has a negative impact on their experience. Another scenario is that the product shows as available – but is not in stock technically. Then you must inform the customer that their order will be delayed after they made the sale, an even worse scenario.

You avoid appearing unreliable by always having enough inventory to fulfil orders while using 2-way stock sync for your order fulfilment. Ordering a product from your supplier after the customer has already placed the order is an irresponsible business practice, and will deter your customers. Late delivery is one of the worst experiences for customers. 17% of respondents will stop shopping with a retailer after receiving a late delivery one time. Please see the diagram below.

2 Way Stock Sync

2-way stock sync is when the 3pl warehouse you are using syncs the stock inventory data to your website. So, as products are sold and the warehouse fulfils your orders for customers, you are aware of precisely how much product you have at all times. You can avoid customers buying products that are not actually available.

Stock sync, what is stock sync, two way stock sync, order fulfilment, infographic, stock sync image,

Key takeaway: If you don’t have any more product, you should remove the item(s) from your website temporarily. If you’re just running low, however, you need to send in more inventory from your supplier to the warehouse. 2-way stock sync with Selazar software automatically notifies you when stock is low. It’s that simple. We will be happy to explain this to you through a free call.


Branding says a lot about a company. It’s the first initial impression your customer gets when they receive their first products in the post from you. Your brand is how people think and feel about you. Is it classy and sophisticated? Do you want to be more colourful and fun? Should you appear simple and elegant? Good branding elicits emotional responses from your audience, which is what helps you form connections with them in the first place. In one poll, 64% of women and 68% of men surveyed have felt an emotional connection with a brand. Branding is also in your messaging.

What’s the personality of your brand? Is it sincerity, sophistication, or ruggedness? These are all questions that should be considered when forming your brand packaging.


“40% of online shoppers say they are more likely to recommend a product to a friend if it comes in branded packaging”


So, how can you customise your packaging to match your messaging? You do this by creating an incredible “unboxing experience.”

Let us compare these 2 items below. Which one would you prefer to get?


unboxing experience, what is unboxing experience, what is an unboxing experience, unboxing, unbox therapy, unboxing tips, unboxing advice, customer satisfaction, product packaging, ecommerce marketing

As you can see above, one has candles simply wrapped in bubble wrap in a box. The other one is classy and simple with a feeling of “high end” signature quality to it. It’s obvious which elicits a more positive feeling for the customer. Remember that 34% of consumers say that their perception of a brand or retailer is influenced by the use of gift-like or branded packaging.

There are lots of resources out there for you to create these custom boxes. Brands in the UK such as Pack Help and Tiny Box Company can help you to create beautiful custom box branding. They have boxes available starting as low as 13p.


Gorgeous, yes? It’s really not as expensive as many might think. That is a small cost that can be carried onto the consumer – A cost that is worth it with a “premium” look and feel. When you partner with Selazar, we combine our pick and packing services with your custom boxes. This way you can maintain brand control, serving your customers your way.

Go custom!

“Packaging can be theatre because it can create a story”

-Steve Jobs



Fulfilling your orders is one of the key factors of running your eCommerce store. Orders need to be processed, updated, packaged and sent. Doing this on your own means inputting information repeatedly, stealing valuable time. Many businesses manually input information into their own system and often spend the majority of their time doing the same task. These repetitive duties can take the focus away from customer service support and other critical factors of your business. When you invest in automating your workflow, there is no need for these tasks.

smart automation, inventory software, stock management software, inventory tracking software, order fulfilment, warehouse automation, warehouse management

Selazar’s custom-built portal gives you complete control over your logistics in a single, easy-to-use platform. It gives you access to product management, real-time inventory control, order tracking and courier preferences at no additional cost. Running your store means juggling multiple tasks, focusing on deadlines, dealing with clients, and much much more. Why juggle stocking, packaging, and administration all on your own? Manually managing the end-to-end fulfilment process is time-consuming and laborious. Luckily, Selazar has a single automated platform to free up your time and let you grow fast.

Using our API, you can connect Selazar to your eCommerce store, enabling an end-to-end fulfilment service that can be easily managed. See an overview of stock levels, manage orders, update information on the go, and so much more. Combined with our packaging and warehouse duties as well, you will wonder why you didn’t join with us sooner.



3pl eCommerce fulfilment services to help you grow


We have already set up a warehouse – now you don’t have too, how easy was that? Our fully secured warehouse is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with over 250,000 square feet of space for your e-commerce fulfilment needs.

Stock Management

Manage your products in real-time with e-commerce fulfilment. Use our bulk order wizard to ensure B2B orders are processed in the most efficient way. Bulk picking gives you the ability to mass ship items to your business clients, ensuring accurate, fast, and cost-effective distribution of your products.

Pick and Pack 

Picking and packing is at the heart of Selazar. Our technology allows staff to seamlessly pick and pack your orders with 99.9% accuracy to date. Digitally mapped warehouses allow our intelligent routing system to calculate each run’s most efficient picking order.


Our algorithm selects the best available rates for your fulfilment routes within your preference settings. Our system is dynamic and works hard to ensure you always get the best courier option for you and your customer.


Returns can be a leading cause of frustration for any online retailer. However, using our returns portal makes managing returns easy and provides your customers with an improved returns experience. Your customer can easily generate a label online and find their local drop off points.

This holistic approach allows you to have a hands–free, best in class, transparent fulfilment service. This approach also enables us to handle all B2B and B2C business operations. Our straightforward Shopify and WooCommerce integrations plug directly into your existing store, allowing us to download and fulfil your orders in real-time. They are then processed and ready to be picked, packed, and shipped without you having to lift a finger, typically within 30 minutes of receipt of the order. That is fast! Once complete, we send any tracking information back to your online store along with an updated status.

Companies with high–performing supply chains benefit from higher revenue growth. An analysis done by Deloitte proved that


“79% of companies with high-performing supply chains achieve revenue growth superior to the average within their industries”



Using these tips, you can instantly drive more sales for your eCommerce store. To find out more about e-commerce fulfilment and logistics services please set up a discovery call with us so we can learn more about your business.

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