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Streamlined Service

Innovating the fulfilment process is not easy; however, we work hard to bring you a service that is intuitive and streamlined. Our intelligent algorithm optimises picking routes, packing processes and courier automation. Your business becomes less time consuming whilst becoming more cost-effective. Our system scales with your businesses needs ensuring smooth operations no matter your size.

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Smart system

A single portal allows you to simply update, control, and track your eCommerce fulfilment process. You are in control from the moment an order is placed all the way to your customer’s door. Adding new product lines, penetrating new markets or capitalising on market share are all easy with Selazar.


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Effectively scalable

Growing your business, regardless of size, can be costly. Our system allows you to scale the way you want, giving you the confidence that we can support you no matter how you grow. As UK’s leading 3pl and logistics provider in eCommerce fulfilment, rest assured we will handle all your business needs.

Third Party Logistics

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“Selazar have been a perfect partner in both optimizing our customer experience and distribution costs. The team all understand us as a unique customer and go out of their way to provide best in class service.”

Sam Beecham, The Ripple Co.

Fulfilment service that makes sense

Selazar’s system has been specifically designed with your business in mind. Time-consuming manual processes are no more; our algorithms do the work for you. Efficiently organising logistics operations has saved our customers up to 40%.

Selazar end-to-end platform

Easily maintain your fulfilment operations with our end-to-end system. From stock management, picking and packing, to delivery and returns, our platform brings it all together in one easy to navigate portal.

Informed Support

Speak with experts who understand your unique needs and are ready to help. More technology equals more data. By tracking every aspect of your fulfilment operations, we use the data to provide you valuable insights.

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Selazar is Environmentally Friendly

We only have one planet. Business owners are aware of the ever-growing passion for environmentally conscious products and services that customers are demanding. Our founders’ vision is to support those businesses in reducing their carbon footprint and decreasing the number of resources wasted.In line with this, we offer eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging alternatives providing a greener option for eco-conscious companies.

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Connect your store

Let our API’s do the heavy lifting for you, by integrating with the Selazar platform your operation becomes more autonomous. As soon as your customer places an order, our warehouse is instantly notified, making your orders ready to be picked and packed within as little as 15 minutes.

We integrate with multiple platforms and are continually developing more API’s for you. For more information about our API connections click below.

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